Energy Efficiency Improvements

Energy efficiency in older buildings

Energy Efficiency in older buildings has become increasingly important in the last few years. If the external fabric of your building is in disrepair and is letting in water or cold air it is not energy efficient. It will be leaking heat and your hard earned income too! A building in poor condition is less energy efficient, has increased heating requirements and therefore a larger carbon footprint. Good fabric maintenance is fundamental to ensuring your building is energy efficient and carbon-saving.  It is an essential prerequisite to energy improvements and interventions such as wall insulation.

If you would like to improve the energy efficiency of your traditional property, there are helpful guides available. Historic Environment Scotland guide offers practical solutions to improving energy efficiency in traditional and historic buildings.  The guide highlights a range of fabric improvement measures to different elements of a structure. These will allow the building to continue to function in terms of ventilation and permeability whilst maintaining historic fabric and character of your traditional property and minimising the visual impact of changes.

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Download the short guide from Historic Environment Scotland at the Engine Shed website

Download guide

Download the Pebble Trust guide: Sustainable Renovation - Improving Homes for Energy, Health and Environment