Member stories: Robert Brown

Robert Brown first found out about Traditional Buildings Health Check on a leaflet he’d seen. “I thought, ‘Oh this is a good idea’! I’ve been a member right from the start of the scheme. I’ve watched it grow and been so enthusiastic that I’ve actively promoted it to my neighbours.”

Robert lives in Stirling’s Kings Park area, around Victoria Square. “We think this area is fantastic. A beautiful location. Better than the New Town in Edinburgh. Older properties aren’t cheap, but there are definitely joys of living in an older house. I like to think of us as guardians of this house”.

Since joining, Robert has regularly received advice from the team on planned repair and maintenance work. “It’s been a one-stop shop,” he says, “from specification of the repairs to helping us find a building contractor.”


“I like to think of us as guardians of this house”.

Building inspection and report

On joining, Robert booked a building inspection from the team. He was very impressed with what he received for the cost. “We got so much of your professional time for just £150 for the inspection. It was a bargain.  We received a great inspection report, with photos and a traffic light system to help us identify the priority areas for attention.

After receiving the report, Robert applied for the repairs grants to get financial help for their repair project. “Your team were very helpful during that process,” he says. “It gave us peace of mind.”

When it came to finding quotes from contractors, Robert asked the team to prepare a schedule of repairs for £50. “That helped us find the right way to phrase the type of work we wanted done when approaching contractors,” he explained. “It helped us speak their language.”

Since joining, Robert has really made the most of his membership. He regularly asks for advice, speaks to the team about his plans and regularly goes to events to learn more about traditional building care.

What difference has the service made?

What has Robert found most valuable about being a Traditional Buildings Health Check member? “Without Traditional Buildings Health Check, I think we would’ve found it very difficult. Firstly – we wouldn’t have known about the problems the house had. And we wouldn’t have known about how to go about doing it in a traditional style. For example using traditional materials. Another value for us is being able to speak to other members to get contractor recommendations and experiences.”


“What makes a difference…is the comfort of knowing there’s someone there to speak to about our building.”


But what Robert finds most valuable is being able to turn to the scheme for advice. “What makes a difference to me is the comfort of knowing there’s someone there to speak to about our building. For me the interaction, the advice, talking things through. It’s definitely worth the money.”