New Traditional Building Repair Grant

Stirling City Heritage Trust is pleased to announce that the small repair grant for TBHC members will recommence shortly.   The Traditional Building Repair Grant (TBRG), will be open to TBHC members for eligible repairs to the building exterior identified in your TBHC Inspection Report as a priority.  The grant will be set at 50% of eligible works up to a maximum grant per building per year of £5,000.   So, for example, on a building in shared ownership, that is £5,000 in total for any common repairs which would be divided between TBHC members.  In addition, for those in multiple ownership properties, as individual owners you can apply for a further £2,500 per year for repairs that are solely your own responsibility e.g. window repairs.

Further details on the application process will be issued in the coming weeks.   This will now include a pre-application stage.  You will need to agree a list of works with us before obtaining contractors’ quotes.  This is to address some of the difficulties both the Trust and owners have previously had in obtaining comparable quotes with works that are grant eligible.   This ‘list of works’ may be prepared by you, a building professional or experienced contractor.  TBHC is also introducing and trialling a Small Repair Schedule to assist as an option where works are small in scope.

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