Older property inspection and condition report

Find out more about the condition of your older property and what repairs are needed. Become a member and take advantage of a subsidised traditional building inspection and condition report.

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Book your older property in for a health check today.  We offer our members a subsidised property inspection and condition report on their traditional building. Our building inspectors, based in Stirling, will carry out a full, comprehensive inspection to assess the condition of the external fabric of your traditional property.

The inspection will assess the condition of the roof and roof slates, chimneys, rainwater goods (gutters and downpipes), the condition of the stonework, windows and doors, and loft space if this is accessible.

During the inspection, when safe to do so, our building inspectors may also undertake small urgent tasks such as unblocking a rainwater outlet, or applying temporary tape to a hole in the gutter.

How our traditional property inspection service works

Access to your traditional property

Before the inspection we’ll ask you a set of questions to help our building inspectors carry out an assessment on the best way to access and inspect your traditional property safely. In some cases our inspectors may need to make a pre-inspection visit to your property.

The property inspection

The building inspection begins in the morning from about 9.30 am. During the inspection our inspectors will assess the condition of the external fabric of your property your . This may involve the use of rope access, ladders. In some cases a drone inspection may be possible. Depending on the size and complexity of your property this may take a few hours or a full day.

The property condition report

Our inspectors will compile an informed and impartial building condition report, which is illustrated and easy to understand. This will include a prioritised list of recommendations, tailored to older, traditionally-built properties and presented in a similar way to a survey report.

Follow-up meeting

After reading your report, you can book a meeting with our inspectors to explain the findings and answer any questions you have.

To book a traditional property inspection and condition report you will need to become a member of Traditional Buildings Health Check.

Property inspections generally cost £175, however, larger and more complex properties may cost more.

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