TBHC Commercial Inspection- The Smith Art Gallery and Museum

We were delighted to carry out an inspection for one of our commercial members- The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum at the end of 2016.

The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum is an important building and part of Stirling’s great heritage. Formerly the Smith Institute, it was established in 1874 by the bequest of the artist Thomas Stuart Smith (1815-1869) on land supplied by the Burgh of Stirling.

It was initially created as a gallery for contemporary art, with a museum and library reading room for the residents of Stirling. Nowadays, it functions as a gallery, museum and cultural centre for the Stirling Area.

We are proud to have the museum as one of our members and help them maintain this beautiful building in Stirling for years to come.

If you know of a commercial building that would benefit from joining the TBHC scheme please do not hesitate to contact us.