Why Maintain?

Your property may be your home, your business or a place where you meet others in the community.  We use buildings in many different ways every day of our lives; it makes sense to look after such important places.  Like your car and your boiler, your property needs maintenance to keep it in good working order and to ensure its future efficient performance.

Here are just some of the reasons for undertaking proactive maintenance:

Save your cash

Research shows that most of us are reactionary in our approach to building fabric care.  Proactive maintenance is a more cost effective option.  Routine maintenance tasks can prevent disrepair and the cost of unnecessary repairs.   Regular maintenance checks can help you plan for the future and predict any repair costs.   As a result the investment in your home or business property is efficient and you do not risk devaluation through deterioration of its fabric.

Safeguard your building’s condition

Studies reveal that a significant proportion of Scotland’s buildings are in a state of disrepair with many suffering physical decay due to a lack of basic maintenance.  Within the context of climate change the condition of the exterior of your building is becoming increasingly important in order to ensure it can withstand adverse weather patterns.

Ensure your duty of care to public safety

Buildings in disrepair can form a very serious risk to the public.  In Stirling and other urban areas we have seen horrific masonry falls and other dangerous building incidents.  Regular inspections can identify potentially dangerous or weak elements of your building before they become a danger to the public and a liability to you.

Be energy efficient

If the external fabric of your building is in disrepair and is letting in water or cold air it is not energy efficient.   It will be leaking heat and your hard earned income too.  A building in poor condition is less energy efficient, has increased heating requirements and therefore a larger carbon footprint.  Good fabric maintenance is fundamental to ensuring your building is energy efficient and carbon-saving.  It is an essential prerequisite to energy improvements and interventions such as wall insulation.

Be sustainable

Our built environment is a valuable resource and our traditional buildings are irreplaceable. Maintenance is the ultimate form of sustainable practice. Regular and careful monitoring keeps repair to a minimum and prevents loss of original building fabric thus reducing the use of limited material resources and energy producing practises.

Traditional buildings are naturally sustainable because they are inherently repairable and encourage the use of local materials and contractors all of which helps to reduce carbon emissions.  Maintaining our building stock recognises the embodied energy of existing structures, conserving resources and reducing waste.

Play your part in ensuring traditional skills training and employment for the future

Studies have shown that there is a very real shortage of those trained in the skills needed for the maintenance and repair our traditional buildings. This has led in some cases to inappropriate repairs which can accelerate decay or even result in defective or dangerous buildings. By understanding the maintenance and repair requirements of your property you can play your part in supporting traditional repair skills.