Here are some interesting statistics which describe the extent of Scotland’s heritage of traditional buildings and areas, and their current condition.

Extent of our heritage 

  • There are 47,650 Listed Buildings in Scotland.
  • 1,474 of Scotland’s Listed Buildings are in the Stirling Council area, that’s 3% of Scotland’s total including 90 Category A, 652 Category B and 732 Category C.
  • Scotland has some 631 Conservation Areas equating to an estimated 237,200 buildings (of all building ages) which make up 9.4% of Scotland’s stock.
  • The City of Stirling has 11 Conservation Areas.  Of these Stirling Town and Kings Park represent approximately 70% of the historic fabric of Stirling’s Conservation Areas. Source
  • There are approximately 2.36 million dwellings in Scotland, of which ¾ are in private tenure.  Flatted properties of all ages total over half a million dwellings!
  • 455,000 are traditionally constructed dwellings built before 1919 which is equal to approximately 20% of Scotland’s domestic stock. Source


The condition of our traditional heritage  

  • Approximately 1.5 million dwellings have some disrepair to the critical elements (that’s  external elements that make buildings wind and watertight or structurally sound).  This amounts to over 70% for all properties built before 1965 and 77% for pre-1919 dwellings. Source
  • 1/3 of pre-1919 dwellings are tenements; possibly around 20,000 buildings. This building type and age group has the highest levels of urgent repair. Source
  • Between 50-80% of properties surveyed in the Scottish Border towns require some form of maintenance.
  • Glasgow is thought to have some 24,000 stone facades, 97% of which are in need of repair to some extent. Source
  • There are currently 2,525 Buildings at Risk in Scotland 10 of which are in Stirling. Source